Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmasses Three

This has been awhile coming.  There won't be as many photos as I was hoping for because I have to upload them in chunks, but here this post is, nonetheless.  Finally!!

Ian and I, like many Americans, have several Christmas celebrations in order to spend time with everyone.  It can be cumbersome, but mostly its fun to spread the joy out.

When I was a kid, we used to celebrate Christmas Eve with our immediate family, homemade pizza and sugar cookies.

Now that our family has grown and the holidays pull us in so many directions, we've had to adjust it (calling it Christmas Eve Eve Eve... and so on for awhile), but its still a lot of fun.  We gather at Rob and Danie's house (we being Ian and I, Mom and Bruce, Justin and Richelle [super close family friends]).

Their house was totally decked out (you'll see, in some of the photos) their fridge was even a snowman for the occasion.

My favorite part is giving the kids (Audrey and Grant) their gifts, personally.

But, the whole night is a total blast.

I don't have a single picture of Justin and Richelle.  They didn't get to be there super long due to work schedules.

On Christmas Eve we braved morning traffic (which turned out to be a breeze) and went up to Grays Harbor to spend the day with Ian's family.

But, we did have to get a tire changed when we got there.  We discovered we had a flat outside of Grand Mound.  There, Ian ran into to buddies of his from high school.  After that we were on our way to family fun.

We retired to Mom's after that, where we stayed the night and spent Christmas morning before heading to Gramma's.  I was excited to see her decorations and even more stoked that she had a totally vegan spread out even though it was almost 10pm when we got there.


Last, but not least, on to Gramma's!

Phew!  The end.  Now I can officially move on into 2012.  Ha!